Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sneak Peek

My time in Nice sadly came to an end over the weekend - I can't believe two weeks went by so quickly!  It was great discovering the city and enjoying a little bit of a milder climate.  I have been visiting there since I was little and never full appreciated the architecture and location until I was older and in the world of design.

Like many other European cities, Nice has an interesting abundance of history with layer upon layer revealing itself to you...if you know where to look.  I was taken to see a staircase in a residential/office building around the corner from the office in which I was working, that just blew me away.  I have walked by the building (Palais Hongran) countless times and never through to look through the glass in the front door to what was inside - or that this amazing architectural splendour could be hiding behind the interesting yet simple facade.

The building was built between 1769 and 1772 and the floral frescos which date from the 19th Century are attributed to Maurice Pillard Verneuil. I am sure that there are many little hidden gems like this in New York, London and many other cities, and this little encounter has made me want to start looking a little deeper and sneaking some more peeks - any suggestions?

The pillars aren't actually marble, but rather they are painted to look like marble - fooled me!

* Please excuse the dark photos - I only had my phone on me and this space clearly needed a better camera to capture this low-light interior!

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