Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Little bit of Warmth

Monday's post on snow here, really got me thinking about what I love from this season. As I hate being cold for me one of the most important things is staying warm and cozy.  At my husband's parents house there is a wonderful fireplace and it seems that the first thing I do when we arrive for the holidays is light a fire.

Fireplaces used to be the centre of the home because they were the source for heat when it was cold.  Now, mainly acting as focal pieces in rooms, fireplaces come in all shapes, sizes, materials and fuel types - and with the addition of flueless fireplaces you no longer even need a chimney!  I still think that there is something beautiful about the light and warmth that comes from a fireplace, so in the spirit of winter and the holidays here are some inspiring images to keep us chic and warm!

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  1. oooo, great post! I'd like to cuddle up with a book in all of these spaces x


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