Monday, September 3, 2012

Inspired By

Labour Day! I am loving having a three day can we make this happen once a month? Work at the moment has been very busy and I am off to LA again tomorrow to start another installation. I have always found Labour Day a funny holiday, as it never really meant anything to me. It was always more about having the day before school started then being thankful to workers unions, however as this has been a busy year I am thankful for the extra day off and time to reflect.  I thought that this would be a good opportunity to share some of the interior workspaces that I love with all of you as a little tribute to the places in which we work.  If we have to go to work and be at a desk each day why not have a nice space to go to? 

Javier Lopez


Unknown & Rose Uniake 

All Photos available through my Pinterest account.


  1. Agree. Work spaces must be enjoyable. Hard to do so if you work for others (although some employers are VERY good and get this concept), but very easy if you work for yourself. I spend so much time in my office, that if it were ugly, I would just constantly b uninspired. Happy Fall!

  2. Beautiful work spaces Anna!! Cristina Rodriguez and the Unknown pics capture me. Very inspiring working areas,I could easily see me dreaming up something at those desks etc.... Thanks for sharing Sandie (POWDER GREY) X


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