Friday, September 14, 2012

Furniture Fridays

Hello and welcome to another wonderful end of the week instalments of Furniture Fridays.  Today I am thrilled to have Milda from Margas with us.  Milda has an incredible eye for design and her posts are always thoughtful, inspiring and beautiful to look at.  Living in Kaunas, Lithuania, she is the voice behind this wonderful blog as well as a fashion journalist and stylist.  Please stop by her blog as it really is inspiring, and enjoy her ever wonderful selection below. Thanks and have a great weekend!

About me
I am a fashion journalist and stylist, but my passion for interior design lately has been eclipsing everything else. I write the Margas blog in order to educate myself about interior design and share the things I find interesting with others.

About an iconic design piece
When Anna asked me to contribute to her blog writing about my favorite piece of iconic furniture design, my mind went blank. The thought of having to choose ONE item was horrifying!
So I thought about my favorite Mies Van der Rohe’s chairs, and Hans Wegner’s, and Niels O. Møllers, then about tables, then sofas…and ended up with a lamp. Don’t ask. It just felt right at this point in time – maybe because I am on the hunt for lamps for my living room. The ‘Arco’ design by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos (1962) is instantly recognizable. The elegant arch, the luxurious marble – I’d call it an aristocratic piece of design (the marble bit really does it for me; I’m slightly marble-crazy).
‘Arco’ is also aristocratic for another reason – you can’t really put it in a small room… It needs space! I like to imagine this lamp in an Italian palazzo with really tall ceilings and modernist furniture; they go together like salt and pepper. That is not to say that ‘Arco’ is not practical. Apparently, Achille Castiglioni designed it when he grew frustrated with ceiling lamps. Big as it is, ‘Arco’ is a real multi-tasker: you can use it to light your work desk or dinner table or reading nook.
Yes, this lamp has been slightly over-used and over-copied, as have all design classics. But its elegance is timeless and I would totally like to have one in my living room. Thank you for inviting me to be your blog-guest, Anna!

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  1. Thanks A. Like your guest author says, the lamp has been copied and utterly overused but it was excellent to revisit it. You know, sometimes you need to be re-inspired as I was!


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