Saturday, September 15, 2012

Little Vignettes

Things have been so busy around here I am a full month behind on my design reading! I was home sick on Wednesday and managed to get through the September Issue of AD - finally - and found myself a little disappointed.  I love AD and usually feel that there are a handful of projects that I swoon over but somehow not this time.  I did however like bits and pieces from many of the articles, so I thought I would compile a few of my favourites for this post.  To me they are great little vignette's that not only inspire but are great expressions of interior design, architecture and styling.  Gotta love a good shot! Happy weekend to all! 

A x

A 1930s mansion revised by Steven Gambrel

 A Las Vegas Mansion

An Upper East Side apartment by Jamie Drake

Minimal New York City apartment

Milly de Cabrol decorates a NYC loft

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