Friday, September 21, 2012

Furniture Fridays

The thing I love about Furniture Fridays is that there is something new and exciting for all of us each week.  Well today is no exception, and I am so happy to have a duo post with Milly and Sally from A Piece of Toast.  Whether it is fashion, interiors or design these sisters have inspiring posts that bring me back day after day wanting to see what's next.  I am truly happy to have them both here to share their favorite pics for today. Thanks ladies!

Hi Canoe Design readers!  We are so excited to be part of Anna's fun Furniture Friday series - any time we get to talk about furniture pieces we love we jump at the chance.  And with such similar taste and style, it's no surprise that our favorite pieces closely resemble each other :)  Hope you enjoy and please stop by our blog, A Piece of Toast for more musings on interiors, style and more!

MOLLY: love Jonathan Adler's Mongolian Lamb Bench
For the record, this is one ridiculously expensive item.  Made even more ridiculous because I want two of them... The combination of chunky lucite and ivory Mongolian lamb hair makes it the ideal piece to define the grown-up, neutral pallet I'm going for in my own apartment space.  Sure it might be a little impractical (would I ever actually sit on that Mongolian lamb hair?  Probably not) but those benches could travel from room to room, home to home, and always look cool.  Picturing two at the end of my bed or in front of a killer coffee table.  Allow me to dream?

SALLY: love Philippe Stark's Ghost Chairs
Oh I love these chairs so much.  To have a rustic wood dinning room table full of them is my dream.  Or to use one with arms as my own desk chair.  Or even just to have a pair to sit in my some-day living room with a fabulous pillow on each... They are just so timeless and classic, I can't think of anything better to invest in and have my entire life.  I adore the classic clear but also love the smoky grey... And even though the decorating world might be a little over-saturated with Ghost Chairs, I still love them to pieces!

Molly & Sally

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  1. Thank you again for having us!!! So wishing we had our dream furniture pieces right now ;)
    .Molly + Sally


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