Friday, August 31, 2012

Furniture Fridays

Hi everyone and welcome to another wonderful edition of Furniture Fridays! Today I am beyond words (I know, a little difficult for a blogger) excited to have Cassandra with us to share her favourite furniture! For those of you not familiar with Cassandra's achievements, she is the creative mind behind the wildly successful blog coco+kelly, she is one of the voices of Rue Magazine, and for those of you who are fashionista's she has also been part of Gap's campaign with Rue. Thanks for joining us this week Cassandra!   

It's hard to imagine choosing one piece of historic or iconic furniture to count as a favorite. Many other guests in Anna's fantastic Furniture Friday series have chosen a few that popped into my head as first options (the Saarinen Tulip table and X-bench both came to mind). But as I took some more time to really think about, I quickly narrowed myself down to one area of design that consistently speaks to me - the Campaign Style. 

All furniture via 1st Dibs

I find the very concept of this furniture historically romantic, which may be part of the charm. Originally designed to easily fold up and then reassemble for traveling armies, these pieces had to be strong and functional to fulfill their purpose. However, they were also created to be comfortable and beautiful to make the British officers feel a little bit of luxury (no doubt affiliated with their status as well) while traveling away from home. As such, these pieces encompass everything I look for in furniture today - the ability to withstand wear and time and even some travel, while being aesthetically pleasing and cozy. 

Of all the pieces that I've seen, however, it's the campaign dresser that truly sticks in my mind as an iconic piece... 

Images: 1. innovative interior 2. etsy 3. lonny 4. one kings lane

Whether old or new, we've seen this dresser been given new life in the past few years with bright, lacquered surfaces and updated hardware (personally, I prefer the traditional brass to the nickel). The style continues to insert itself seamlessly into modern day decor, and I myself have a version of this dresser in my own bedroom - it's a very Dorothy Draper meets Campaign style piece, and I absolutely adore it. To me, the simple lines but stunning details make this a piece that definitely deserves icon status! 


  1. I appreciate your efforts. the old sitting bed in its original shape creating pleasing effects. With the passage of time, things are same by style changed. Good job.

  2. the navy blue one really is remarkable. interesting style that makes it an accent piece in any space. loved the theme of this too.

  3. Great furniture friday! And learned something too :)

  4. I also like the new edition of furniture Fridays. I really like all their amazing and interesting furniture. I know that they would be very happy to have those interesting furniture as well.

  5. Wow!! i am very impressed with your lovely post.. I am so glad to left comment on this..This has been a so interesting read, would love to read more here….

  6. A very great post. I really enjoyed reading it. These campaign furniture is terrific. I especially like the colorful dressers, they look very lovely and stylish.


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