Friday, September 28, 2012

Furniture Fridays

Today I invite you all to join me in welcoming Sandie from  from Powder Grey for Furniture Fridays! Based in the UK and working as an Interior Designer, Sandie has a keen eye for design and always features wonderful and interesting posts on her blog.  She has a fresh look and enthusiasm to her posts, and Powder Grey is a daily read for me always with something new for me to see.  I am truly excited at her selection and what an incredible interesting and unique selection it is. Thank you and enjoy!

I was pleasantly surprised yet touched when I received the email from Anna requesting me to do a write up for Furniture Fridays, considering I am very new to the Interior World.  My chosen piece is the Lockheed lounge by Australian Industrial designer Marc Newson. This aluminium clad lounge took Newson over 2 months to create and was his most celebrated piece in 1986.

I first saw this when it appeared in Madonna’s video “Rain” in 1993, long before I was interested in a career in Interiors. I remembered thinking WOW at the time, as I hadn’t seen anything like it.  A cool solid powerful piece yet its elegant curvaceous curves looked like a mercury blob that had leaked from an old antique mirror. I don’t own such a piece, unfortunately, if I did it would set me back over a million dollars.

Although Newson created the Lockheed Lounge over 25 years ago its futuristic design will, in my opinion, always remain a timeless piece.  See more of Marc Newson's work at

                                                          Lockheed Lounge, 1986

Designer - Marc Newson
Material - Aluminium and fiberglass
Dimensions - 89x63.5x152.5 cm

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