Tuesday, July 3, 2012

French Escape

Hi Everyone. I am so sorry that I have been so absent this last week or so. Things at the installation last week went very well, but where extremely exhausting and then it was a quick 12 hours in LA for a site meeting before taking the red-eye back to NYC for my mom to stay with us over the Canada Day weekend.  So, needless to say (and sorry about that), but the world that is Canoe Design was pushed a little to the side.  I thought that I would start back with a post I saw on Trendland about a 17th Century mansion on the Île de Ré just off the West coast of France.  With the summer getting so hot here in Manhattan I seem to be completely obsessed with the idea of a weekend retreat - whether on Long Island or in France apparently.  As you can imagine when I came across this stunning property I just had to share.  

The owners have kept the exterior of the building intact to match the vernacular of the area, however the gardens have received a modern make-over (that pool need to be included in my Inspired By Pools post - LOVE!), and the interiors are a perfect mix of rustic farmhouse and Modern Art Palace.  The interior is simple with whitewashed walls, new painted steel framed windows and partitions, found objects from local flea markets and an incredible art collection.  Each room features stunning pieces that work their way into the fabric of the house making this a stunning little piece of paradise.

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