Monday, June 11, 2012

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Pools! This weekend was a scorcher here in Manhattan and it got me thinking about how amazing it would be to have a pool and just be able to cool off whenever I needed.  As we get closer and closer to summer and the weather becomes hotter and sunnier, I realize that an escape would be a welcome luxury, and I now get why everyone leave the city. For me pools are another way for architects to highlight creativity and ingenuity in creating these wet paradises.  I have a thing for architectural pools - whether they consist of an innovative detail, or are just a really perfect infinity pool, for me it is more than just water in a basin.  Kelly Klein, wife of fashion designer Calvin Klein came out several years ago with an incredibly inspiring book entitled Pools that has started me on this journey to find liquid bliss.

I love the idea of a pool being an escape - a chance to cool off, get some exercise or just mentally check out in order to ride the relaxation bus.  For me a pool should be just as much about the setting and mental relaxation one gets as from the relief from the heat.  Below is a collection of interesting pools ranging from feats of engineering (image two below), to a perfect infinity pool equipped with it's own island (image one below) and two cavernous escapes that feel like they are anything but dark and dreary. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and good luck for the week ahead!

Elle Decor did a feature on celebrity pools where they featured some of the most serene and exquisite escapes one could hope for.

Artist Chuck Close has the perfect interior to exterior space for his pool in the Hamptons. 

Cindy Crawford and husband Randy Gerber's infinity pools perched above the beach in Malibu.

And of course we cannot forget Kelly Klein's pool - afterall, she is the expert now!


  1. Okay this is all so drool worthy. All of them. Would it be bad to make travel plans based around the pools at each of the resorts?

  2. Great post Anna - many ideas here that will be immediately useful for projects we are working on!

  3. Beautiful images Anna. I think that the infinity pool in Cape town merits showing as well!


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