Friday, July 13, 2012

Furniture Fridays

Good morning all and welcome to Furniture Fridays! I am so excited that we have the lovely Sandra from Rain Coast Cottage here today to share her favorite piece of furniture. Sandra is fun-loving, creative and inspiring, and there is alway something new and exciting going on. Whether it is a post on travel, art, design or what she is making for dinner, I always find something to inspire me. Thanks so much for sharing this great (and iconic) piece with us! 

When Anna asked me to take part in her Furniture Friday series, I knew immediately which piece of furniture that I wanted to write about. And I immediately hesitated too. When I tell you which chair, you'll know why - it's the Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair. It's timeless. It's popular. And it's also become a bit of a cliche. Even mid-century modern has become a bit of a cliche with many rooms and homes seeming more like museums than anything else.

But I do love this chair. The design. The swoop of the lines. It's nod to the armchair in it's many iterations. How it evokes an era yet also remains timeless. And best of all - it's comfortable. It's beautiful to look at and a chair to linger in with a book and a glass of wine. You want to sit in this chair. Isn't that the best recommendation? Something that is stylish and comfortable.

The egg chair has been featured here and there in popular culture since it's introduction in 1958. Watch this 1965 Beatles video and you'll see it first at the 20s mark:

I have one too - upholstered in Classic Boucle Aegean Knoll fabric. If you do have one reupholstered, make sure that you find someone with experience as it is a very tricky piece of furniture to recover. The authentic ones are done in just two pieces while the ones like the Restoration Hardware knock-offs use more sections. In addition, use the Knoll fabric - it has the right amount of 360 degree give for the curves of the chair. Anything with less give is going to sag over time.

And if you do buy one, get ready to draw straw with your friends and family over who gets to sit in it.


  1. Thanks so much for having me here - love the chair and loved writing about it too!

  2. Classic. Amazing. Great choice!

  3. Classic. Sorry Holly - that is the exact same thing I was thinking. :-)
    looks great.

  4. Love love love this blue chair! Really great! I've been looking for a similar one-just at a much lower price!

  5. I believe it sounded like you have problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at the problem in the first place.


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