Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Piece of Alaïa in Paris

DesigneAzzedine Alaïa is known for his incredible eye for fashion and all things design, so you can only imagine how excited I was to learn that he has played his hand at the world of interiors.    Converting a 300 square foot apartment in the Marais district in Paris into three vacation rental apartments Alaïa has created a chic retreat that would make anyone feel they have a perfectly designed 'pied-a-terre' of their own in the City of Lights.  The apartments are furnished with iconic design pieces from Mouille lights, to Prouve dining chairs and Le Corbusier storage cabinets. Each apartment has been thought through and designed by Alaïa and is definitely on the list of my places to stay next time I am in town. Trip to Paris anyone??

All photos courtesy of Trendland


  1. Everytime I hear the name I immediately think of the movie Clueless ("like a totally important designer")

    1. Ha! Me too. Think I watched that movie a hundred times growing up!!

  2. Anna! I'm in Paris a couple of times in September - want to join me? We could try to get one of the 3 rooms!


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