Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Roger Davies

I don't think that it is a secret how much I enjoy and am inspired by the work of a good photographer.  Recently I came across the website for Roger Davies, and although I have seen his work published many times in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor and many other design magazines, it was truly wonderful to see this phenomenal body of work all in once place.  There is a certain ease to his photographs that not only transport the viewer to the space but make it accessible and inviting - maybe it's his love for open doors metaphorically bringing the viewer into the photograph.  He has a way of capturing the light that creates a warmth in the photo, and whether an interior or exterior shot they always seem to be a place I want to go.  

All Photos courtesy of Roger Davies Photography


  1. Love the interior in the second photograph - the rug, the coffe table, the vase...everything!

  2. He has captured some truly beautiful architecture


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