Monday, July 23, 2012

Inspired By

Hi everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am sorry that I have been so sporadic with my posts and staying in touch, it has been a very busy time at work and I am fining it very hard to balance a super busy work schedule and my love for this blog - any advice from my fellow bloggers on how to juggle this busy life??  I know that it is no excuse and I really do feel like these posts and my connection to all of you helps keep me level-headed and constantly thinking about design in new and interesting ways.  I just wish I had an extra three hours in each of my days to help make it all happen...

For todays Inspired By post I wanted to look at furniture and material details. I was in Aspen last week finishing up the installation on this project we have been working hard on and I realized something - it's all in the detail! Whether a furniture, cabinetry or architectural detail, it is these things, that are on a micro level, that really help to make the project as a whole cohesive and complete.  I have found myself drawn to the interaction between one material to another and think that it is this connection that helps to make a project feel thought through and well designed, and not. We as designers spend our lives worrying about these little details, and sometimes I wonder whether it really makes a difference or whether it is me just being pedantic - well, I can now confirm that yes, it does make a difference.  It is the sum of all these carefully considered details that come together to make a project feel thought through, well executed and designed.  I really feel so lucky to have a job that I love and one that I am constantly learning in.  Anyone else feel the same?

Studio Andre Putman via DesignBoom

I also have a Pinterest board where I share all my favorite furniture, interior and architectural details.  You can see these and more images there, so please stop by, have a look and share thought this wonderful world of social media we belong to!!


  1. Oh Anna! I feel what you say about the blogging balance. I've been struggling too these days to stay on top of my posts and visits to other blogs while getting all my other work done ... It's tough sometimes, right? Good news is that it seems to be a common theme among bloggers, so it's nice to know we#re not the only ones ;)

    Details are important, yes. I love that image you chose from Lyla & Blu.


    1. I love both the blog and work and so find it difficult to let either slip, but both feel like full-time-jobs most of the time in terms of time commitment! I am glad I am not alone in feeling like this. And totally agree, I love reading other blogs and getting inspired but feel myself slipping with that too. Mid-year resolution - make more time for the blog things I love :)


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