Friday, July 6, 2012

Furniture Fridays

Good morning! Today I am happy to have Miya from Design Indulgences with us to share her favorite piece for Furniture Fridays.  With a keen eye for design Miya works in the Interior, styling and event planning side of the industry and always has wonderfully inspiring posts and images to swoon over.  Please take a minute have a read and enjoy!

When I was asked to be apart of Furniture Friday, I just KNEW it would be easy to pinpoint which of my loves I wanted to talk about. Then I realized its way more difficult than I thought. You see, I don’t own any of the things I like the most but they are on my “One-day-in-life” list of purchases. I love me some Lucite, ottomans & benches, chaise lounges & unique bookshelves, buffets and credenzas. But nothing compares to my love of tufted upholstery…

Tufted Sofas

It’s such a classic piece of furniture that’s timeless and fits in among most aesthetics. You have your more streamlined and tailored looks like the camel hued one above or the curved designs. I like the gray velvet take by Jonathan Adler & the navy blue sleeper sofa version. Further proof that college kids can have furniture that’s not only functional but chic…

Man Cave Approved

Man Cave Approved by designindulgences on Old Hickory Tannery Red Tufted-Leather Loveseat, $4,899 Old Hickory Tannery Conversation Sofa, $7,499 Speaking of sloppy college kids… who sometimes, unfortunately turn into sloppy grown men (some of you chicks too)…one thing about tufted upholstery is it blurs the gender lines. Chesterfield styled sofas are perfect in a man cave, a rec room, game area or cigar room.

Tufted Chaises & Benches
Sofas Settees $3,219 - 
Old Hickory Tannery Royal Marco Chaise $2,999 -
Plantation Design -- Furnishings
Plantation Design -- Furnishings The top bone hued one is perfect to place in front of a fireplace without blocking the focal point. These designs give you additional seating in smaller places like a corner for a reading nook, a stairway landing, in front of the bed, or a walk-in closet…

Tufted Chairs

Tufted Chairs by designindulgences on IKEA Karlstad, $549 Swivel Chair, $180 Rockasan Chair, $100 Tufted Suede Armchairs, Pair Whenever I go to Pier 1, I have to sit in one of their papasan chairs. They are extremely comfortable and great for those boho chic chicas. Great chairs to curl up in with a book and the cushions come in may colors and textiles. I like the faux fur one myself...

Tufted Headboards

Tufted Headboards by designindulgences on Bristol Queen Headboard, $1,329 Skyline Furniture 862 863 (Pearl) Tufted High Arch Headboard in Pearl..., $391 Skyline Furniture Tufted Wingback Bed in Velvet Buckwheat, $834 But more than anything, I love tufted upholstered headboards. Both traditional headboards or tufted wall panels, whether in a hotel suite, behind benched styled seating in a club, a booth at a restaurant, wherever, I love it. And there are so many great DIY tutorials out there. It’s at the top of my “one-day-I-will-make-time-for” lists. 

Thanks for having me Anna! Miya


  1. I've always considered myself as a more 'no-leather-furniture' kind of guy, but I must admit, the leather sofa in the first selection pleases my eye a lot! Great ideas!

    1. Really? No leather for Igor? I'm surprised :) But yes, that brown sofa is awesome!!

  2. Tufted upholstery can be so great! Nice Furniture Friday :)

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  4. Thanks Anna for having me. I didn't receive the email & clearly overlooked the tweet. I do apologize. I will put a notice on my blog today...on a Monday :-)


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