Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lee Broom

I have been searching for inspiration on a new project here in the city, and when I am stuck I always find myself heading back to old faithfuls that I know will shed some new ideas.  This time is no exception, and what I have found has inspired me indeed. UK based  Lee Broom has an eye for design, detail and materiality that really pushes the envelope. He has a new series of lights (well bulbs) that I think are just incredible.  The idea of clustering many different drop fittings together is nothing new, however what Lee has done is change the bulb! Like a filament bulb the source is the fitting, but with these you get a little sparkle and glamour while still keeping the fitting as simple and uncomplicated as possible. LOVE! 

This lamp is another of my favourites. Again, he has taken a tile and changed the way we look at it.  Creating large-scale table lamps out of different tile components. I think that these would jazz up any space and help to add a little texture!

And although I wanted to focus on lighting I couldn't do a post without including one of my favorite pieces of furniture - The Carpetry Sideboard. Drawing it's inspiration from Persian rugs, this collection put a modern twist with it's more muted color patelle and re-interpretation of pattern.  

 All photographs courtesy of Lee Broom 

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  1. Wow! I can see why you're inspired. The Persian inspired furniture is really something else. Thank you for introducing me to a new designer.


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