Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hempel's Paradise at Sea

Eclectic Interior Designer and boutique Hotelier Anouska Hempel has cast her net beyond the luxuries of London and has completed a truly stunning yacht.  The 'Beluga One' is an incredible Turkish Gulet that has been completely transformed into a paradise on the water.  With natural timbers, stripes and dark tones, Hempel's sensibilities come through on this 28 meter aquatic oasis.  While I cannot usually relate to a lot of her work, I find myself strangely mesmerised by this boat - not sure whether it is because for me, and escape at sea should be completely removed from anything you know, or whether it is because the detail and interaction of materials is so refined, however I really enjoy this boat.  So, if any of you are looking for thoughts on your next break, perhaps a tour of the Mediterranean would be in the cards aboard this whimsical vessel.


All photos courtesy of Luxury Culture

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