Monday, August 27, 2012

Inspired By

the Olympics!  Well, Olympic fever has been and gone and I have to say that I miss it! the Paralympics start in a couple of days and so there is another chance for a little more heathy athletic competition. I feel that with our trip to London, and the opportunity that we had to attend some Olympic events, we made the most of it and really got into the Olympic spirit.  How about you?  It was be great to be back in London  (see posts on eating and drinking) seeing as we had not been back since moving away over a year ago. I really feel that the metals of the Olympics are amazing in any interior, and whether home accessories, furniture or interior details all three make perfect additions to any interior and help us all feel a little more decorated.  In honour of this wonderful sporting event and our upcoming trip I have been inspired by all things Gold, Silver and Bronze!

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  1. Love the design in the bathroom pic. The colors looks great as well.


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