Monday, August 13, 2012

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Shipping containers! I was watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics last night and it brought back memories of my time in London and our visit to the Olympics (stay tuned for a post - promise it is coming soon).  One of the things that I loved most about these Olympics is London's push for a 'Green Games'.  With many of their venues being either temporary or reducible in size following the games, it was really great to see that there has been real thought put unto the sustainability of these facilities once the games were over.  Even the BBC commentary studios (pictured above) were made of shipping containers which can be dismounted once no longer needed.  There has been a great push over the past few years to repurpose shipping containers and turn them into housing, retail or commercial spaces.  I have put together a collection below of my favorites from a small weekend getaway (blue container below), to the Freitag tower in Zurich or the Camp Cinco structures (brown structures below) it really is incredibly inspiring what we can create and how the boundaries can be pushed with such a simple structure. Happy Monday all, Enjoy!

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