Thursday, November 3, 2011


I love mirrors.  Installed over an entire wall, in panelling or just as an accent, a mirror can make a space feel drastically different.  Their reflective qualities help with making a space feel larger, lighting levels and that little bit of sparkle.  Although it is very possible to go completely over the top and tacky with a mirrored wall, with the right finish and treatment mirrors can add an element of elegance and sophistication to a space.  Here are some of my favorite techniques and installations.

Dominic Schuster is a London based studio specialising in intricate techniques with finishes and glass textures.  His work with antiqued mirrors is beautiful and can range vary in degree of antiquing, colour and even have hand drawn glass giving this amazing rippled look.

Miriam Ellner is a New York based specialist in Verre Eglomise.  This is an ancient technique of guiding precious metals - usually gold or silver leaf - to the backside of glass. The finished product is truly wonderful and has a depth and intricacy that few other techniques display. 

Miles Redd has appeared in a couple of my posts on materials because he isn't afraid to push the boundaries of their uses in unexpected ways.  His mirrored bathroom in the image below might not be for everyone, but what a concept!

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