Thursday, November 17, 2011

From Nice to Torino

Last night I went to the opening of a new book about the relationship betweeen Nice and Torino. It is called Nice Torino : Une histoire Commune (Nice Torino : A History in Common), with photographs by Olivier Monge and text by Dominique Escribe.  While the book seems interesting enough, and some of the photos were quite beautiful, it was the space in which the opening took place that captured my attention.

Just off the Cours Saleya (discussed in my Quintessentially Nice post) there is an old pump building which is now home to the Centre for Ubanism Architecture for the City of Nice. It is a fantastic example of a modernist building and internally comprises a single large room with a mezzanine level along two sides.  They have kept the original pump mechanism at the back and have created interior details such as stairs and handrails in a very simple aesthetic well suited for the architecture.  The overall is a space that is simple, clean and well executed. Here are some pics from the party!

I thought I should include my favorite image from the exhibition - a view of the ceiling in Guarini's San Lorenzo.

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