Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quintessentially New York

As I mentioned Thursday was my birthday and so my hubby took me for a nice night out on the town.  I had been given tickets to War Horse from my mother and so before the theatre my husband and I set out for a pre dinner bite.  What I didn't realize is that this little bite I thought we were going to grab ended up being three courses at the incredible Jean George restaurant Nougatine.  The restaurant is adjacent to the two Michelin starred Jean George and has recently undergone a stunning renovation.  With a neutral pale palette the space feels very calm and serene. The materials are simple with leather chairs and banquettes, dark wood detailing and a natural linen acoustic ceiling that not only helps create interest but also works wonders for the noise level.  This was a truly exquisite culinary experience and even though we felt like we were in a busy beehive with all the staff buzzing around, I am sure we will find some reason to go back for another bite.


  1. Beautiful and what a lovely birthday surprise!

  2. Looks beautiful and I'm sure it was delicious as well!! And of course belated Happy Birthday!


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