Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quintessentially New York

It has been a while since I had a Quintessentially post, and with all the traveling it has been hard to spend any quality time in New York exploring and discovering.  We have been missing the UK and so when my husband came across this pub we felt like we had been transported into another time and country.  Lillies at Times Square is a must visit experience for anyone in the city.  Referred to as a Victorian Pub under their logo this spot is beyond your wildest dreams.  With ceilings that soar about 30 feet above ones head, every inch of the interior is detailed with carvings, architectural moldings, photos and mementoes of times gone by.  We have brought several friends and family members and friends there, all who are either british or familiar with Britain and everyone has the same reaction - eyes go wide, necks crane around, and they say "This place is incredible"! Lillies is absolutely worth a visit for the novelty factor as well as the ambiance and I know this is a place that we will keep revisiting.

Photos courtesy of Lillies Times Square


  1. Wowzers, that bar is amazing. Too bad you have to go to Times Square to get to it

  2. Rooth,

    We're actually located right outside of Times Square! In the Theater District. Come visit us! 249 W. 49th Street

    ♡ Lillie's

  3. We Adore Lillies! Recommend it to all my friends & Clients! LOve It! Gina, Connecticut


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