Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flat Vernacular

Flat Vernacular is a boutique Brooklyn-based wallpaper company who specialize in the incredible.  Their papers are hand printed and each one is more spectacular and more depth oriented than the last.  As you may have noticed I currently have a thing for wallpaper (see post here), and so FV fit perfectly into this craving.  They have a collection of papers - some highlighted below - but can also help with any bespoke projects we designers can think up, a very handy tool when one is looking for a little something different for that special project.  We have several samples in the office and I can honestly say the quality and weight of the paper is beautiful and one really does get the sense that this is a truly special product.  Any ideas on where this could fit into your space?

I love the idea of wallpaper framed as art and so had to include this incredible custom piece - the detail is truly amazing and the colours are mesmerizing.


  1. Hi Anna,
    Surely a coincidence, today's post by the modern sybarite features the Dutch wallpaper source NLXL - check it out!

  2. When reading a few of your other posts I enjoyed them and liked the furniture, I will bookmark the site and be back.


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