Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quintessentially New York

This week we were so happy to have a couple of friends come and stay - a colleague of my husband turned great friend was here for just under a week and then a fellow Canadian architect we met and became friends with in London was in town for a conference at NYU.  All in all it meant that we had a pretty busy week (especially since I am now working). With that being siad, it also meant that we got to experience some wonderful bars and restaurants that we have been hearing about and wanting to try for quite some time.  

We live in mid-town west and tend to spend most of our time on the west side of the city - there is so much to see, do and eat in Manhattan that we have been kept more than busy since we arrived.  On Wednesday evening we had a reservation in the lower East Village at Beauty & Essex and boy did this open the gates to the east side for us!  We have been to sister hot-spot The Stanton Social (see post here) that isn't too far away, however B&E was for me one of those places you hear about and think of as being quintessential to New York.

The street front is a pawnshop. Yes, a real, live, working pawnshop with an incredible selection of jewelry and items we swooned over. You then walk past the *massive* bouncer, through the non-descript door at the back of the shop and you are instantly transported into a world buzzing with energy and glitz.  Set over several floors, this jewel box of a space designed by the quirky minds at AvroKO and was a truly incredible experience.  The cocktails were delicious, the food - served tapas style to share - was moreish, and the women's washroom even had a bar serving champagne! We had such a wonderful time eating, drinking and checking everyone out that I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone - we will be back!


  1. I love the pawnshop facade at this place!

  2. Oh, that restaurant looks so awesome! What a cool concept too

  3. Wow, love the details (and of course the touch of exposed brick always makes me smile!)
    x kat


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