Friday, March 23, 2012

Furniture Fridays

Welcome back to Furniture Fridays! Thanks to everyone for your patience last week while I was away with very limited internet access.  I am so thrilled to be back with an amazing post from the lovely Liana author of Amourette here to share her favorite piece of furniture with us.  Not only does Liana write for her own blog but she is also a contributor on Apartment Therapy.  Her blog is one of the first that I got hooked on, and now it is a daily stop for all things interior, fashion and design. Thanks Liana for stopping by and sharing your insight on design with us, and give Luna a pat from me :)

Anyone who loves design and furniture will tell you that it is impossible to choose just one piece as their favorite. That was definitely the case for me when I was asked to contribute to Furniture Fridays. The flip side of course is that as a person who loves design, thinking about, looking through and pondering some of my favorite pieces, designers and styles is extremely enjoyable, so thank you to Anna for giving me a good excuse to do just that!

My favorite pieces are always changing but when I go crazy for a piece of furniture, nine times out of ten, it is over a chair. While I love so many styles and am always into a different color palate (neutrals! primaries! pastels! neons!) blond wood and supple leather the color of coffee with a heavy dose of milk in a sleek shape is always my style. While I am lucky enough to have a well loved Wassily Chair, my current dream obsession is with the Valdes Chair H designed by Chilean designer and architect Christian Valdes. This piece which is hand made in Santiago, Chile was once described by Architectural Digest as "one of the truly great chair designs of the 20th Century" and its easy to see why. 

I believe a person's personal space should reflect the things they love and are inspired by. I believe design should be fun and not too serious but I think quality and craftsmanship are invaluable and should be encouraged and celebrated. This chair encapsulates that idea for me and is definitely one of my favorite pieces.

Valdes Chair H - Matter

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