Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quintessentially New York

Well, I am not sure if we could get more New York than our dinner last night. We leave today for South Africa (YAY!) and so last night my family came into the city as we are all flying out together today. It was my brother's birthday a few weeks ago, and since the plan was for dinner to be a 'big' one we decided that Locanda Verde was going to be it.  After some strings were pulled, we managed to get a reservation, which I am not sure if you know is like getting a reservation at the White House! But nevertheless we were in - and what an in it was! The restaurant is in bustling TriBeCa and so the space is a cool old warehouse interior designed by Meyer Davis Studio with high ceilings and beautiful huge crittall-type windows. The website says that it is an affordable neighbourhood Italian taverna, but like any New York hot-spot it was loud, and felt more like somewhere one goes to see or be seen. This might sound a little unfair, and I do not want it to, as the ambiance was energetic and fun-loving and we had a truly wonderful time.  The food was incredible with fresh full-of-flavour tastes that left us wanting more. 

I highly HIGHLY recommend the restaurant to anyone. They book one month in advance to the day, and it would be wise to call at 8am when their lines open otherwise you might no be so lucky. If you do end up in the area, it is also worth heading over to Smith & Mills (see post here) across the street for a Dark 'n Stormy before or after. Enjoy! 

Finally, as mentioned above I am off to the African Continent today for a ten day family trip to South Africa. We have a packed itinerary that includes time in Johannesburg, Cape Town and a three day Safari at a stunning lodge in the Kruger Park. While I will do my very best to blog and tweet from this amazing setting I will not be as accessible as I usually am. However, I do promise to share all my adventures with you as much when I am there and when I get back, so have a great week and chat soon.

A x


  1. Have a an amazing time in Africa and I'm looking forward for you to come back to share lovely stories and lots of pictures from there.
    Xx Lysann.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! That's so amazing Anna!! You and Bob are going to have such an amazing time!!! Can't wait to hear all about it! x

  3. Thanks for the New York tip! Looks really cool.

    Have a wonderful trip!!

  4. That's a fantastic restaurant in New York and I am so jealous of your vacation. Have a safe and wonderful time!

  5. have a great trip. i went on a very similar one with my family when i was in grade four. the highlight for sure was kruger park. looking forward to seeing some images upon your return.

  6. Wow, what a great place. if I'm ever in town I'm booking a table (well in advance!!). I was in SA last autumn and loved it, have a wonderful time! Look forward to hearing about your amazing trip!


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