Friday, March 16, 2012

Checking In

Hi everyone. I am sorry that I have been missing for the last week. Internet access has been very limited where we were staying, and I have enjoyed a little time off the grid! We arrived in Cape Town last night after an incredible three days on Safari we are enjoying our time discovering this beautiful city.  I wanted to say hello, tell you that we are having a fantastic time, and let you all know that I am thinking of you and have some very exciting posts coming up from my time away.  Hope all is well and here is a little sneak peek of some wildlife we enjoyed over the last few days.  

Speak soon.
A x


  1. Gah - you are making me homesick for my second home! Looking forward to your posts about RSA. And isn't Cape Town THE prettiest? The mother city...

    1. Stunning! The landscapes everywhere have been incredible, and being able to enjoy a view from Table Mountain today was breathtaking! It is our first time here and it will not be our last!!

  2. I've been toying with either going to South Africa in November, or South America... I think I just made up my mind

    Have so much fun!!

  3. That's so awesome - glad you're having a good time

  4. Unforgettable images! And such a contrast to Manhattan, looking forward to more images of both worlds, xo

  5. One of my dream-listed cities is Cape Town! Oh enjoy every moment Anna, can NOT wait to hear all about it and see more pictures! Big hugs to you

  6. Wow! Great pics! Enjoy your trip :) Xx.


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