Thursday, April 25, 2013

Catching the Breeze

This week I find myself in East Hampton installing a project that has come about quite quickly. The weather hasn't been great and so things in town have been quite slow except for contractors and design folk like me getting our clients houses ready for the summer season.  The project is right on the beach (see image from my tweet) and it has really made me think of the great outdoors and how nice it is to spend time by the water - even if I don't get to benefit from it.  One feature of the house that I really like (and something we are putting into a project in Florida I'm working on as well) is an outdoor shower.  The idea of standing outside, enjoying nature while pampering yourself really is the ultimate indulgence. I thought that I would share some wonderful outdoor shower images with you that I have been using as inspiration for this other project. Thoughts? 

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  1. Nice images, check this blog for 3d interior images &


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