Monday, May 6, 2013

Greetings from Belize

Well I think that it's only appropriate that my last post was on outdoor showers seeing as we find ourselves returning from 5 days in paradise.  Yup, hubby and I needed some time away from the craziness that is Manhattan and our jobs and so we escaped to Placencia, Belize, a small peninsula off the main land, for some much needed sun and scuba.  We had a truly amazing time and it is such a beautiful country with lots of natural wonder and untouched beauty.  We went in hopes of seeing and diving with whale sharks as it is the season, however you cannot predict nature, and it seems that it was not our time - although we did get to see plenty of other sharks and stunning underwater paradises.  Unfortunately there have not been any whale shark sightings yet this season which not only isn't great for the tourist industry down there, but isn't great for the whale sharks either.  Oh well, guess this will give us a reason to go back! Can't wait!!

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