Monday, April 15, 2013

Colours of Spring

This weekend we really noticed the change in season in New York. I mean I know that we had some warmer weather last week, but with the rain and threat of even snow on Friday, this weekend really felt like we has seen the coldest and things were going to go up from here.  Spring is all about how to be bold with colours in your wardrobe - I mean after spending I don't know how many months wearing black, I love to mix in a pop here and there - and so why not let this trend transcend to your interior?  There are a couple of colours which will be making it big this season and so I'll be featuring these this week, but today I thought I would set the mood with colour in general.  It is always nice to bring a little bit of something to an interior with a pop of this, or some colour blocking there, and so although these bring a little more than a pop, it shows how colour can really set the tone of an interior.

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