Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Maison Jansen

Founded in 1880 by Jean-Henri Jansen, Maison Jansen was a forced to be reckoned with in the design world.  Sadly it closed it's doors in 1989, but not before creating a legacy of interiors and furnishings that shape the way many of us work within this amazing industry.  Maison Jansen was not afraid to take chances, push boundaries and explore how materials, work together, how different styles compliment each other, and how interiors can be usable without losing their WOW factor.  With project throughout Europe, The Middle East and most of the globe (including a couple of rooms in The White House), their interiors and furnishings have been (and still are) coveted works of craftsmanship, materiality and design.  In a design world where I feel it is few and far between to find workrooms that really know their craft, Maison Jansen reminds me of the beauty and balance one can achieve when you strive for perfection, and although they are not around today, it doesn't mean that we too cannot strive for this kind of beauty.


Furniture pieces are still available for purchase through antique dealers and sites like 1stDibs today, so we can still own a little piece of design history.

The White House

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  1. Super fantastic post! The images are incredible and awe inspiring! Perfect for,my week, which is all about designing a project I am on! Thank you!
    Jamie Herzlinger


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