Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Up and Coming Designers

Each and every month I flip through my issue of AD and hope to be inspired.  Design is not only my job but it truly is my passion, and I try and share as much of what inspires me with all of you as much as I can.  I love learning about new designers, and whose work we should keep an eye out for.  Well in a recent issue their outlined who we should watch in 2013 (see full article here) and I thought I would share my top 4 seeing as they have been added to my list of as well.  From East to West coast their aesthetics are different, however what they all have in common is that they are helping to shape the design world going forward and are producing some pretty amazing interiors if you ask me.  Happy Wednesday all!

David M Sutherland
David M Sutherland is an impressive Manhattan based designer with a strong masculine aesthetic.  He uses a bold mix of materials, highlighting their textures and natural qualities, while creating interiors formed with high craftsmanship. 

MW Works Architecture + Design
Based in Seattle MW Works have a clean, crisp West Coast modern aesthetic.  Their mix of indoor/outdoor spaces is perfectly fitting with their location, and although each detail is thought through, I don't really get the impression that things are over designed   Best to keep it simple and let the details and materials speak for themselves.

Tommy Clements
The son of renowned designer Kathleen Clements, and now a partner at her Los Angeles based firm Kathleen Clements Designs, Tommy has helped shape the interiors we see from this firm.  With celebrity homes under his belt all over the country, there is a soft accessible side to their aesthetic, however one can see little pops of a more rustic urban aesthetic working its way through. 

Ashe + Leandro
This design duo based in New York have a relatively young firm of five years, however with their experience in Architecture and set design, it is clear to see that their projects speak to their years of experience at some of the top design companies in the city.  To me Ashe + Leandro are a breath of fresh air mixing colours, patterns and textures to make livable yet stylish interiors.


  1. I'm such a big fan of Tommy and Kathleen Clements' design skills. My favorites out of this bunch by far! But don't get me wrong, the rest aren't too shabby either! ; )

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  3. Beautifully designed house, everything is in its place, I like living. Thank you for sharing


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