Friday, February 1, 2013

Gentle Giants at Sea

Sharks have forever fascinated me. I have been a recreational diver since I was little and I remember the first time I was underwater with a shark like it was yesterday – seeing this reef shark move past us with grace and ease took my breath away.  They are truly magnificent creatures that are so misunderstood by society and anything we can do to protect them , so when the images of a recent photo shoot with whale sharks came to me I just had to share.  Environmental photographer Shawn Heinrichs has captured the incredible grace of these gentil giants posing with models in the Philipines to help bring awareness to them and their docile nature. Crossing my fingers for the day I can dive with these magnificent creatures.

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  1. WOw these are incredible! I'm not sure I could dive with sharks, but I agree that they are fascinating and beautiful creatures!


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