Friday, December 21, 2012

All Wrapped Up

I am obsessed with paper, paper products and wrapping. I think that the amount of effort one puts into a gift (and yes, the wrapping part counts) says so much about a person and really helps to elevate any gift big or small.  Last year I did a post on wrapping (see Wrap it Up) and had such fun putting it together, that with only a few more days left until Christmas I thought it would be good to do another.

Wishing you all a very happy Friday and a wonderful weekend ahead.

A x

I just love the plan white box or papper with a little twine and then the use of paint cards as the notes - so simple and can be used throughout the year, but make the colours more festive (or add a little red way mark) and you are ready for the holidays.

Nothing better than some simple paper and then a really great bow!

I just love the simplicity of materials for this wrapping but you can really see the effort that has gone into the wrapping.

I drive my husband crazy by keeping interesting papers in the hopes of one day using it as wrapping.  Well this NYC subway map is a great idea and just looks so fun!

Finally, I think that the ultimate way to re-use paper is wallpaper as wrapping.  In the design field we always order too much just to be sure we have enough, and some of the colours and patterns (as below) really do make for great gift paper.

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