Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gift Guide Part 3 : Him

Welcome to my third gift guide installment with gifts for him.

1. Ball Bearing Cufflinks. I have always had a fascination with cufflinks and think that they are a great opportunity for men to shed a little self style in an otherwise monotonous business attire.
2. A shaving set
3. Bow tie & Pocket Square
4. Creed Cologne.  There are many different scents to chose from - so there is something for every man, and for me, it is a little memory of england.  These are traditional scents, some of which have been around since the brand started in 1760.
5. The Modern Gentleman.  This was a staple gift of mine a couple of years ago and a new edition has been released. This is a great gift for men of all ages!
6. A canvas and leather weekender.  This is a staple that I think every man needs in their wardrobe and I just love the bright colours of this one.

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