Sunday, December 16, 2012

Quintessentially New York

Friday nights usually come around and I never feel like cooking - it is the end of the week (which have been particularly gruelling this past month) and with no work the next day it is a chance for my hubby and I to explore something new in the city and not have to worry about getting up for work the next day.  While we have taken a break from dinners out for the last few weeks, on Friday we decided to try Momofuku Ma Peche as we have heard such amazing reviews about the Momofuku restaurants, but have never been.  Spread over two floors attached to the Chambers hotel, the palette is very simple with concrete and painted plaster walls, particle board tables and plywood interior details.  The interior feels modern and designed yet tasteful - something that I feel a lot of restaurants and bars in this city struggle with.  We sat upstairs in the bar area as we didn't have a reservation and all the tables downstairs were full.  It was a great meal - although a little expensive - and it was so nice to be able to look over into the double height voice above the dining room and have the sheer fabrics hanging through the space billowing beside us.  I am not sure if we would go back to this particular Momofuku as there are three more to try, however it was a delicious meal and a fantastic introduction to their food and ambiance.

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