Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Concrete Idea

I am a little behind in my reading and so I was going through April's Architectural Digest (okay, I'm a lot behind on my reading) and was struck by the article on the new David Zwimer Gallery by architect Anabelle Selldorf.  The article features the amazing five story staircase and it's wood board imprinted concrete walls (see image above). I have loved concrete as an interior building material and am constantly amazed at how creative and boundary pushing designers are with this material.  No longer do I think that people associate it with being a cold material, but rather that it adds an element of bespoke design that some might say is unparalleled - where else can you find a material that will literally take any form or impression you give it? 


I'm also loving the fact that concrete is being used for furnishings - whether lighting or exterior furniture. Some of my favs are below.

Loop Chair by Willy Guhl via DesignBoom

Heavy Desk Light from Benjamin Hubert via Dezeen

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