Friday, March 2, 2012

Furniture Fridays

Happy Furniture Fridays everyone! Today I am so happy to have a fellow New Yorker on the blog - Richard from The Modern Sybarite.  Richard and I have become instant blogging buddies and i am so excited to have him here to share his favorite piece of furniture.  TMS is full of unique and incredible posts on furniture, art, interiors and Richard's vision for design.  I have also been enjoying the work he has recently posted on a project he is working on for private clients and it makes me appreciate his aesthetic and eye even more.  Please take a moment and stop by (frequently) as you will love what you read and see.

A Giorgetti enigma
Coming up on my 250th blog post, I had never quite found another blogger whose views and aesthetic so closely resembled my blog themodernsybarite. Then I was introduced to Anna’s Canoe Design and I knew I had met my match.  And so I was gobsmacked when last week Anna invited me to feature my favorite piece of furniture in her blog.  I have not yet met Anna, but I know for sure she has an impeccably modern eye for top design.  Thank you for your invite!

Some people love clothes or shoes.  I love chairs.  And since these are slightly harder to collect and fit in your closet or under your bed, I’ve had to limit my collection to only those I can fit into my space.  My obsession is such that years ago I preferred to live on a very tight budget for a couple of semesters at school rather than to give up buying my 2 Giorgetti chairs. Twenty years later, I’ve forgotten half of what I’ve learned but I still have my chairs!!!!

However impossible as it may sound, these chairs have no name.  They were made by the Italian luxury furniture firm Giorgetti and when I bought them in 1992, the description on the invoice only read “chair #63330”. For this feature I contacted the firm and they could only tell me that these were part of the Progetti Collection that went out of production in 2009.  But when I Googled the description I could not find an image of my chairs.  Therefore I want to think they are extra special and will one of these days be soooo expensive I will have to sell them because I cannot afford the insurance!!!

Visually what attracts me are the sinewy curves and beautifully lacquered wood with its details in cherry wood.  They remind me of an updated cross between the rigid but beautifully made 18th Century Chinese Hetaomu horseshoeback armchair and the Scandinavian simplicity of Hans Wegner’s 1944 China Chair or 1949 Wishbone Chair as only imagined by a genius and chic Giorgetti designer.

What do you think?

Image credits: Giorgetti #63330 Chair – Kristal Davis


  1. Awesome and nice designer modern furniture blog. Thanks.

  2. Lovely swoopy lines - and the photos taken of the chair are wonderful. And they are in amazing condition for 20 years old!

    I lean towards Scandinavian design but methinks I will be tiptoeing into Italian chairs after this introduction!

  3. I thought you were going to give some insight on furniture and not leave us hanging to decide.


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