Friday, February 7, 2014

Paradise by the Sea

With all this freezing weather we seem to be having, isn’t it just time for a sunny getaway? I was warmed instantly by this stunning open villa in San Salvador designed by Cincopatasalgato Architecture and was itching to share.  With a palette made of primarily of whites, natural materials and some concrete this retreat really is all about the view and the volumes.  After having to rely so heavily on heating for the last couple of months, wouldn't it be amazing to be able to just forget about the walls?? 

Photos coutesy of Cincopatasalgato Architecture

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gift Guide Part 3 : Her

Here it is, the 2013 gift guide for Her.

1. Stacking Ring. Like copper and brass in interiors, rose gold has become a HUGE trend in fashion over the past year.  I love the sparkle and detail of this ring from Leif Shop.
2. Shearling lined slippers. There is nothing nicer than slipping on a pair of cozy slippers to keep ones feet warm over the holidays and these moccasins from J Crew are just the perfect pair.
3. Stella McCartney bag.  I have adored the Falabella bags forever - one of my design must-haves, therefore it just had to make it's way onto the list.
4. Little Ceramic Pot.  I always have things that are just stowed on my bedside table and this little White and Gold pot from Etsy shop UpInTheAirSomewhere is just the perfect little thing to have holding for all my bits and pieces.
5. Clear Frame Glasses.  While I know that this item isn't for everything it is something on my list this year and so I just had to include.  I know that the trend has been for thick, dark plastic frames, and while I do have a pair like that, I now really want some clear plastic ones like these from Derek Cardigan.  Only question is can I pull them off??
6. Leather and Canvas zip pouch. I love things being monogrammed and these little zippered pouches are a great accessory for whatever one might need.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Gift Guide Part 2 : Him

Welcome to the second instalment of our 2013 gift guide with suggestions for Him.

1. Leather Flask. The winter cold weather makes us just want to be warm.  Well, with this stylish Paul Smith leather flask you can get that extra little bit of warmth.
2. Tie Clip.  J Crew men have a great modern tie clip for the distinguished man. I love the simplicity and change in texture - not to mention that it is the shape of a tie!
3. Monogram Pijamas.  What better way to spend the holidays than lounging around in a set of PJs. 
4. Analog Braun watch. With a simple, clean face and leather strap, this watch is suitable for the modern gentleman.
5. Hermes Tie.  This is the quintessential gift for the man in your life. What else is there to say - it's an Hermes silk tie, it speaks for itself!
6. iPad and iPhone leather skin. There are so many different cases and protective skins for technology. I think that there is something so simple and stylish about these leather sinks for your i gadgets without being too bulky.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gift Guide Part 1 : Home

Well, it's that time of the year again! Hard to believe we are already in full holiday mode and so here comes my Gift Guide! What better a way to start the 2013 series than with yummy treats for the Home! Hope you enjoy, find some inspiration and don't forget to check back for guides to gifts for Him, Her and new this year Pets. 

1. Colourful Honeycomb Coasters from Leif Shop. I love a little bit of colour in a home accessory, especially when it's in a pixilated pattern, and these hand-painted coasters offer just that bit of punch to your coffee table.
2. Teacup and Small Tray.  This simple yet extremely elegant set would be perfect for a spot of afternoon tea!
3. Almoco Copper Flatware. This year has been one of brass and copper in the world of interiors and I just love the little edge this cutlery gives.  
4. Grey Felt Storage Bin from DWR. I just love the simplicity of the design, durability of material and really can picture this in any interior.
5. Brushtroke Glasses. In a colour palette designed by Le Corbusier, these glasses are produced by Lobmeyr and are to me, perfection.
6. Restorations Hardware Italian Tipped Sheets. I love these - the simple edge detail adds a little contemporary twist without losing the crisp clean look of white linens.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Massimo Listri - Master of Interior Photography

Every once in a while we are lucky enough to delve into the art world for our clients.  While most of them have incredible art collection and curators who they work with very closely, sometimes we get to put that hat on for them.  I have been fascinated for some time with the work of Italian artist Massimo Listri. Known for masterful eye in capturing interior spaces, he has traveled around the globe photographing some of the most stunning interior architecture. I love how I can get lost in each and every photo. 


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