Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gift Guide Part 3 : Her

Here it is, the 2013 gift guide for Her.

1. Stacking Ring. Like copper and brass in interiors, rose gold has become a HUGE trend in fashion over the past year.  I love the sparkle and detail of this ring from Leif Shop.
2. Shearling lined slippers. There is nothing nicer than slipping on a pair of cozy slippers to keep ones feet warm over the holidays and these moccasins from J Crew are just the perfect pair.
3. Stella McCartney bag.  I have adored the Falabella bags forever - one of my design must-haves, therefore it just had to make it's way onto the list.
4. Little Ceramic Pot.  I always have things that are just stowed on my bedside table and this little White and Gold pot from Etsy shop UpInTheAirSomewhere is just the perfect little thing to have holding for all my bits and pieces.
5. Clear Frame Glasses.  While I know that this item isn't for everything it is something on my list this year and so I just had to include.  I know that the trend has been for thick, dark plastic frames, and while I do have a pair like that, I now really want some clear plastic ones like these from Derek Cardigan.  Only question is can I pull them off??
6. Leather and Canvas zip pouch. I love things being monogrammed and these little zippered pouches are a great accessory for whatever one might need.

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