Friday, December 13, 2013

Gift Guide Part 2 : Him

Welcome to the second instalment of our 2013 gift guide with suggestions for Him.

1. Leather Flask. The winter cold weather makes us just want to be warm.  Well, with this stylish Paul Smith leather flask you can get that extra little bit of warmth.
2. Tie Clip.  J Crew men have a great modern tie clip for the distinguished man. I love the simplicity and change in texture - not to mention that it is the shape of a tie!
3. Monogram Pijamas.  What better way to spend the holidays than lounging around in a set of PJs. 
4. Analog Braun watch. With a simple, clean face and leather strap, this watch is suitable for the modern gentleman.
5. Hermes Tie.  This is the quintessential gift for the man in your life. What else is there to say - it's an Hermes silk tie, it speaks for itself!
6. iPad and iPhone leather skin. There are so many different cases and protective skins for technology. I think that there is something so simple and stylish about these leather sinks for your i gadgets without being too bulky.

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