Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The End of an Era

What an end to September and start to October!! Between a trip to London for a wedding and to get our apartment organised to sell, and work trips to Florida and California I am starting to feel a little more burned out than usual! And, alas my posts seem to suffer! I am quite excited however that after almost a decade of being a die hard Blackberry supporter I have made the leap to Apple and am waiting for my shiny new *gold* iPhone! Very excited at the prospect of Instagram and being able to tweet without my messages being lost in the cyber yonder...not really sure how that keep happening.  So prepare for me to (hopefully) be more in touch over the coming weeks and months.  An early New Years resolution as well.

Since the apartment is up for sale I thought that I would share the estate agent photos with you. I know I have done a couple of posts on it before (here and here), however thought that this was a good overview of the entire apartment - oh and you get to see the amazing new fold-away doors we installed in the spring. Sad to see it go, but excited for what NYC opportunities open up as a result! Keep an eye out as we are actively apartment hunting and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another project.  Can't wait for the next one!

Photos courtesy of Chesterton Humberts


  1. Oh man, my heart stopped when reading the title. It would be sad if you left NY so fast!!!!

    I too am in the process of leaving Crackberry - we will share survival stories at some point.

    Coincidentally, I have some friends looking to buy an apt in London. I will send them your post and if they like it, put you 2 together.

    Happy week,

  2. Nope, not ready to leave this place just yet!
    Thanks for sending the details along - you are so well connected.

    Cheers :)

  3. Ah! I am so behind. First things first, happy iPhoneing! I am totally coveting the gold one.

    Your dad's post! Too cute that he wrote for you.

    I do hope all is well with you! xo

  4. That must be so bittersweet. I can tell there was a lot of love that went into your renovations. This is going to get snapped up! Have you ever shared your NY flat yet?

    Oh, and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving (are you in town?)! Cheers!


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