Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beauty in Brazil

Set just outside Sao Paolo, sits the wonderfully elegant linear architectural wonder that is Casa Lee.  By the always stunning modernist firm Marcio Kogan Architects, the house is nestled into the tropical landscape in true Brazilian style.  Set in it's lush surroundings, the house has an amazing ability to morph the interior spaces into the exterior with teak flooring becoming decking and glass walls sliding away.  The materials are simple, elegant and support the grand architectural gestures simply and elegantly. 


  1. What a gorgeous living space :) If my house is anywhere this stylish, I wouldn't leave, hahaha! Please do an inspiration board for bed sheet or bedroom style inspiration!

  2. I had the pleasure to work with Baraness & Cawker - Nice and I discovered your blog just some months ago. Very attractive and interesting ! By the way, I share the same admiration for Marcio Kogan projects. His architectural lines are spectacular.
    Stéphanie BENOIT- Owner Code One Studio - Cannes


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