Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Detailed and the Modern

I am working on a project in Greenwich which is a traditional stone house, however the clients - a younger couple - have a more simple modern sensibility. I've been looking for concept images with more detailed interiors filled with simple clean furnishings. While the images below aren't really appropriate for this house they are a wonderful mix of ornate architectural details with contemporary furniture and fittings.  Published in Elle Interior Sweden last year, one really does get a sense of how these people live and how a room with striking details and great volumes can really hold it's own with whatever furnishings you see fit.  I just love the green colour of the dining room walls. Happy Tuesday all!

Petra Whips for Elle Interior Sweden


  1. it's a great article, i love the pictures. Thanks for sharing this bookmarking your website as we speak lol xx
    from: CUT IT OUT wall stickers

  2. Simply stunning pics! Those baroque ceilings mix perfectly with the minimalist scandinavian interiors. A perfect marriage of past and present!


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