Tuesday, October 9, 2012

LA Part 3 - The Schindler House

To continue our architectural tour of LA, we managed to squeeze in one more bit of culture and design with a tour of the Schindler House. Built in 1922, this West Hollywood house was the home, and social experiment of Rudolph Schindler.  Originally from Vienna, Schindler studied under Loose and Wagner before moving to the US and working for Frank Lloyd Wright.  This house was his residence  and was intended for two couples to live, work and share communal spaces in. Broken up into two separate wings (one at the top on the left and one at the bottom right), the house had a communal kitchen and living space in between and allowed each couple their own terrace on the upper level - Schindler initially thought these would be the bedrooms as it was California and the weather is always hot!

The house was full of intricate little details and spaces. Each view was framed in a way that was deliberate and there were amazing transitions that led the user from one space to another.  The bathrooms and kitchen - usually my favorite rooms in any house - did not disappoint here as they had wonderful materials, details and just an overall great vibe. Using a very simple palette of materials - concrete, wood and particle board for room dividers - the house feels warm and well considered.  It was a very interesting and worthwhile visit and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the LA area.

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