Friday, October 5, 2012

Furniture Fridays

What a busy week it has been with client meetings, new projects and friends visiting from London.  I am happy that the weekend is almost here and am thrilled that today is Furniture Friday! Today we have the most wonderful Laura author of Creative & Ordinette blog with us to share her favourite piece of design. Based in the incredibly inspiring city that is Rome, Laura has an eye for design and her blog brings new and exciting ideas, products and projects to all her readers.  Grazie Laura!

Hello Canoe Design Readers! First of all I want to thank Anna for welcoming me in her wonderful blog! When she kindly asked me to choose a favorite piece of design for her weekly feature, I must confess, I found myself in great embarrass. But after a little thinking about what I wish I owned there is  the beautiful  Fornasetti Plate and whatever of the other Fornasetti objects representing the beautiful face of Lina Cavalieri. Did you know that she was a famous Italian opera singer in the 19th century? She had a very adventurous and interesting life and was one of the favourite show women of the founder of the Fornasetti Dinasty. In my view, that image has just a kind of a spellbinding effect to me. I love every single object that represents it, because it can really make a statement about an interior and tell a lot of the tastes of the owner. I reckon it a very decorating piece of design, extremely elegant and quite an Italian Icon.
The leitmotiv of the Fornasetti plates has been declined in a white range of different guises. One of the ultimate purposes in the life of a décor addict is to collect as many of the Fornasetti plates as possible. They add a dramatic effect and a good dose of style to interiors. Here are some pictures featuring the Fornasetti iconic image. Aren’t you craving to have some of them? 


  1. The blog is really great as i have not enough words to explain it. I like your creativity and arrangement. I would like to decorate my home like the same way as you did.
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  2. Really fun choice. Am in love with that photo of the kitchen. Thank you for sharing.

  3. thank you Anna for inviting me. I was really glad to be your guest in your wonderful blog. Have a great day!


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